The Diet Solution Program Review

Isabel De Los Rios created this program which is one of the bestselling diet programs currently on the Internet. This program claims that you can lose 10% of your fat stores in 30 days or less. It claims the results are typical and that weight loss of 3 to 10 pounds is possible ach week that you’re on the program.

The Diet Solution Program -  is there some truth here?

We decided to try this program and take it apart to do some deep research on it. Our goal was to determine if this method is in fact as good as it claims or just another scam with good marketing practices which is a common occurrence when it comes to diet products.

The Diet Solution Program Review

The first goal of this program is to understand the caloric requirement of your body and how much you burn each day. The program also looks at your physical activity level and the rate of your metabolism. This program eliminates food that doesn’t suit the body type that you are. Your caloric intake is reduced so you begin to lose weight on a regular daily basis.

Once the program knows your metabolic rate there’s a concentration of six weeks using a chart which matches your body type. You can view this chart and see what foods you can eat according to your metabolic body type which has lower calorie counts.

On this program you get to eat three daily meals as well as two snacks between each of your meals. You get freedom on the diet and you don’t have to worry about heavy exercise routines. You’ll find some easy exercise routines included that you can try but they aren’t a requirement for this program. You may also want to keep a diary of your results so you can determine where any modifications need to be made if you need them at some point.

Some features of the Diet Solution program:

  • A Full six weeks of meal plans with easy to make and delicious recipes. Everything is organized into groups such as vegetables, meat, fruits and so on. This makes it easy to find the food which is based on your specific metabolic rate. 
  • The program used recent science on how your body turns the various sugars in food to fuel which is one of the keys to losing weight over time. The program also covers myths such as soy, milk, a d saturated fat. 
  • Easy to use program that you can start right away. Read more of the science later on in the book. 
  •  Talks about mistakes and myths that say most diets cause failure within the first week. 
  • Meets your needs based on your specific metabolic rate. You may do better with carbohydrates than protein, for example. This program helps with healthy weight loss.

Isabel De Los Rios

The author is a dietician and author she has a degree from Rutgers University in exercise physiology. She also attended (CHEK ) Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology institute of San Diego and is certified nutritionist. She has credentials as a Holistic Nutrition Mentor.

In New Jersey she owns a center for fitness and nutrition care called New Body. This diet and weight management book is a gift from her and will help you with weight loss in your life.

Associated Benefits

Follow the rules in the book and see the benefits. You’ll get a great response from your body when you follow the program. This program is safe and no one has reported any serious side effects from the program.

You’ll see a result after 3 or 4 weeks on the program and you’re age doesn’t matter since anyone can use this program. You’ll enjoy tasty and delicious food too.

The program has a 60-day guarantee and you’ll get your money back if you aren’t satisfied. This program will help you lose weight and get fit if you stick with it.


The program gets a score of 4 out of 5 points. This method is worth trying out. It uses up to date science which is its best feature and it’s effective for promoting good health and sustained weight loss over time.

This program goes beyond mainstream media claims, your doctor and the government claims. This program points out what works and what will help you achieve results.

As you discover your metabolic body type and customize your meal plans you’ll see why this method is a powerful way to lose weight and get healthier. The claim of 3-10 pounds a week might be an unrealistic but you’ll lose a reasonable 1-2 pounds per week if you follow this natural eating program. This method is worth it so order now.